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Aobaite is a well-known brand of air model fans that is very worth studying. In the current fierce market competition in the field of fans, Aobaite fans continue to value people with high-quality and diversified products, and use air model fans to leverage the sales market situation. Different from the price of ordinary wind turbines in China, it has always maintained the premium space and domain dominance of well-known brands. Behind the seemingly simplest words, what is the commercial service strategy of Aubrecht wind turbines? The market sales data analysis of Aubaite wind turbines in 2012 shows that the total sales of all models in the market reached one million units in 2012, which is basically close to selling one fan every thirty seconds. Since 2005, Zhenzhen has gradually entered the wind turbine sales market with a 20% annual increase in market sales. This series of data and information confirms the sustained and rapid development of Aubaite wind turbines in the sales market
Aobaite Company is located in Zhongshan, Guangdong, known as the "hometown of home appliances". It inherits years of development achievements and absorbs international advanced manufacturing technology for research and development. It has now formed a complete system that integrates production, including research and development of electromechanical integrated wind turbine equipment, large-scale production, quality control, and a nationwide sales and after-sales network.
Our team's mission is to "unite and forge ahead", always full of passion, daring to take on responsibilities, working together for the past decade, growing together, and cultivating the team cohesion to strive for the same goal. We will work together to solve customers' problems, continue to create value for our customers, serve them wholeheartedly, and operate with love.
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